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Beach party essentials: here’s what you need!

Beach party essentials: here’s what you need!

Hosting a beach party is pretty hard to get wrong - all you need is good weather and a good spot to claim as your own. Simple, right?

While you can certainly get away with it, if you ask us, if you want your beach party to be a guaranteed hit, you’re going to need to put in a little bit more effort.

Whether you’re planning a small picnic or a blow-out celebration, there are certain things you’ll need before the party can get started...

First thing’s first: can you have parties at the beach? 

In short, yes.

You can hold a party anywhere, provided that you have the permission to do so and abide by the rules.

Australian law sets out that all beaches in Australia are public, meaning you won’t need to worry about seeking permission to work on your tan or play in the shallows.

Of course, staking out a place in the sand isn’t always going to be enough.

There are four things you need for any successful beach party - can you guess what they are?

What do you need for a beach party?

1) Good beach party ambiance

Fortunately, the beach already comes pre-loaded with fantastic ambiance - however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take things a little bit further.

That can mean bringing the tunes with a WOW Beach Speaker to enhance the mood at your beach party.

It can also mean carefully choosing the time of day - for example, consider hosting your party at dusk or sunset for maximum atmosphere points.

Another way to build ambiance? Take the party out to the water.

In addition to single-person beach floats, our online beach shop also includes multi-person floats like our inflatable flamingo and inflatable unicorn, both of which can fit up to half a dozen fully-grown adults (and come complete with built-in esky).

If you want to up the ambiance, our larger-than-life beach floats are a solid bet.

2) Food: how to prepare a beach feast

What party is complete without food?

Of course, when it comes to beach parties specifically, it’s important that you craft your menu using what we like to call “beach-friendly” food. That’s to say, food that:

  • Can be eaten with your hands
  • Doesn’t require too much prep when you get there
  • Stores well
  • Is refreshing and light

As a guide, each item on the menu should tick at least three of those boxes.

3) Games: what should I play at the beach?

No trip to the beach is complete with beach games to awaken your inner child!

Just one question: what do you play now that you’re all grown up?

The possibilities are endless - and not entirely limited to water games, either. Games like Ultimate Frisbee are great ways of killing the time at your beach party.

Want more suggestions? This isn’t the first time we’ve covered this topic - learn about other beach games for adults.

4) Space is crucial when it comes to a beach party

When it comes to your beach trip, space really is the final frontier - the amount of space you have to play with (both figuratively and literally) at the beach is a major part of ensuring that your beach party goes off without a hitch.

beach fun for kids

We all know that beaches can be crowded places - luckily, there two main ways to get around this:

  • Timing - as we mentioned above, dusk and evening tend to be quieter
  • Distance & location - don’t be afraid to travel a little further away from the main hubs to find a more private spot

  • Short on ideas? Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best beginner surf beaches Victoria has to offer.

    How do you throw a beach party for kids?

    So far, we’ve been focusing on beach parties with adult attendees.

    Of course, since it’s the beach we’re talking about, there’s an extremely high chance that a good number of attendees are children.

    As any parent knows, kids can get very excitable and energetic. While each of the four elements listed above are still important, some become even more so - in particular, games as well as the space needed to play them.

    Beach toys are key

    While younger kids might be content to sit in the shallows with a bucket and spade, older kids and teens might want something a little more exciting.

    beach toys and games

    Don’t fret -  we’ve got exactly what you need…

    • Waboba Ball uses an innovative design to bounce on water, opening up all sorts of new beach games
    • Airhead water toys, including a wide range of multi-person beach floats and islanders
    • WOW mats that can be linked together to create floating playgrounds

    Even if you’re looking for a Red Paddle Co. stand-up paddleboard, you’ll find everything you need right here at Boatshed7.

    How can I look stylish on the beach?

    How to dress for a beach themed party

    Now that you have all the elements you need to host a good beach party, you’re all set and good to go, right?

    Well, almost.

    There’s just one more thing you need to think of: your wardrobe.

    Obviously, it’s important that you wear something beach appropriate. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just rock up in your regular old swimwear.

    Light and airy should be the operative words when choosing your beach wardrobe. This gives you freedom of movement, while also helping you stay cool.

    In particular…

    • Sandals to save you from sandy shoes
    • Shorts for the guys
    • Lightweight dresses for the girls
    • Linen button-ups are perfect as they’re a little dressier but still lightweight and comfortable

    Of course, it doesn’t end with your clothes either…

    Stylish beach essentials

    We’re talking about beach sunglasses, beach hats, beach umbrellas and more.

    family fun at the beach

    Not only are these essential in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, but they’re also another way for you to express yourself and show how stylish you are.

    Our team gets that - that’s why we only stock beach gear that looks the part as well.

    Whether it’s hand-crafted sunglasses or umbrellas that evoke the French Riviera circa the 1960s, we’ve got the most stylish beach gear around.

    Style and substance, right here at Boatshed7

    Whether it’s a big party or a small one, the right gear is the key to making it happen.

    Beach gear is practical first - of course, that doesn’t mean that it can’t also look good.

    In addition to offering gear that’s rugged, environmentally-friendly and durable enough to survive years worth of beach trips, Boatshed7 also offers some of the most stylish options around.

    Countdown to your next beach adventure and start shopping now!