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Easy travel tips for your Easter long weekend

Easy travel tips for your Easter long weekend

Can you believe we’re already into the third month of 2021?

It felt like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas (and saying good riddance to 2020), and here we are, in March, just a few weeks from the second biggest break of the year: Easter.

While overseas travel is still a no-go, people all over Australia are taking this opportunity to explore their own backyard.

Whether they’re staying local or venturing interstate (where possible), we’re looking at this in a positive light, as a way to support our own economy and small businesses who struggled so much throughout 2020.

Planning a road trip during the Easter holidays?

Or are you someone who leaves it until the last minute, seeking out hot deals on accommodation merely days before the break?

Either way, these tips will help you make the most of the extra long weekend.

Driving to your next destination?

Ensure your car is fit for travel

Regardless of whether you’re taking a cruisy 2-hour drive down the coast or heading out into rough terrain, you need to make sure your car is well-prepped for your travels, whatever they involve.

That could mean basic checks like oil and water, or checking your tyres for more rugged adventures.

Download maps

Key in all important locations into maps and send the link to all participants. Additionally, download your map to ensure you have access to clear and safe directions, even if the mobile network ends up a little patchy.

Take frequent breaks

Get out of the car, get some fresh air, and move around a little.

Frequent breaks can leave you feeling refreshed - and are a non-negotiable, especially if you’ve got restless little ones in the car with you.

They’re also, of course, the perfect opportunity for a bathroom break and to stock up on some yummy snacks. 

Plan out your stops

Easter travel tips for long weekend

Additionally, breaks simply make the journey more enjoyable.

Instead of thinking of the drive as something you want to get over with sooner, it becomes part of the adventure.

Do your research beforehand and find out any local attractions you might want to stop off at. 

It could be anything that piques your interest, from quaint country towns to the best vanilla slice in the world!

Better yet, why not plan a surprise detour?

Catch the whole family off-guard by leading them to something outside of the itinerary. That could be a jaw-dropping view, a stunning waterfall, or an enchanting forest.

Flying to a beautiful corner of Australia?

Flying today is certainly different to anything we’ve experienced in the past.

However, it can still be a safe and enjoyable way to get your exciting holiday destination.

Check the rules

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, different states as well as airlines have their own rules that must be followed.

Pay particular attention to the regulations of the state or territory you are entering.

For example, at the time of writing, those travelling into WA must complete a “G2G PASS” declaration and complete a health screening upon arrival.

Additionally, Victoria is still considered a “low-risk” state by WA, meaning that those entering the state must self-quarantine for 14 days. 

And don’t forget to pack face masks for each member of the family: as of January 2021, face masks have been made compulsory within airports and on all domestic flights across Australia. We suggest packing 2-3 per person.

Pack kids’ creature comforts

While flying anywhere across Australia is usually less than a 5-hour flight, it’s still important to think of the littlest ones in our lives.

Ensure their comfort (especially if they’ve never flown before or haven't stepped on a plane for quite some time) by packing a few items from home.

This doesn’t necessarily mean anything large or bulky; and could even be a cushion and their favourite toy to snuggle with. 

While electric devices are this generation’s distractions, we also can’t go past a good old fashioned colouring or puzzle book.

Chase summer this Easter

Flying itps over Easter

While summer may be dwindling here in Victoria, the more northern parts of the country will experience gorgeous warm weather for a lot longer.

Summer doesn't have to end just quite yet.

Haven’t decided on a location yet? Luckily for you, we’re here to help you enjoy an Endless Summer. Check out some of these previous Boatshed7 blog posts for some holiday inspo:

And of course, no matter which beach you’re heading to, you’ll need the right beach gear!

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