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Surf Hardware Essentials For Australian & Kiwi Surfers

Surflogic Hardware Australia brings high-quality surf equipment to surf addicts and water sports lovers throughout Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Driven by a passion to produce cutting-edge, top of the line products, the Surflogic Hardware brand is designed by experienced surfers keen to create forward thinking water sports products that enhance surf routines and fuel the stoke.

Explore the Surflogic line up of differentiated car key lock boxes, specialised wetsuit hangers and surf trip essentials like waterproof beach bags and backpacks, surf ponchos, soft roof racks and straps, and waterproof car seat covers.

At Surflogic Australia, we believe in protecting our ocean playground for future generations. A portion of every sale at Surflogic Australia is donated to projects working towards the removal of ocean plastics and ocean pollution. 





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