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Best sunscreen for the beach

The best sunscreen for the beach offers great sun protection, is free from nasty chemicals, and is safe for our oceans. Boatshed7 is proud to introduce you to a range of body and face sunscreen brands from all over the world, each of which has been carefully crafted to ensure it’s not only great for our skin - but our planet, too. 

Explore our collection of the best face & body sunscreen for beach and discover your new favourite brands. From SunButter and We Are Feel Good to Cocooil and Beachfox - find the best face sunscreen in Australia right here at Boatshed7.

Natural sunscreen

In our opinion, there are a few important things your sunscreen should achieve. First and most importantly, it must offer adequate protection from both UVA and UVB rays. But just as crucial:, it must be gentle on the skin - and our planet.

Our collection of natural face & body sunscreens for the beach are free from reef, coral, and ocean damaging chemicals and as such, are safe for the family. Discover Boatshed7’s collection of natural face and body sunscreen in Australia and shop online now.

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Best Face Sunscreen Australia | Best Sunscreen for Beach | Boatshed7

Best Face Sunscreen Australia | Best Sunscreen for Beach | Boatshed7