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Large beach towels

Go big or go home: when you’re at the beach, your towel is more than just an accessory you need to dry off. It’s also where you lie, nap, read, chill, and play.

Acting as a barrier between you and the sand, our extra large beach towels not only provide comfort and protection for every member of the family but also serve as a picnic blanket so you can enjoy eating while sitting and enjoying the best view of the beach

Collating towels from the world’s best beach brands, we have extra large beach towels for men and women and kids. Shop now at Boatshed7 and browse our range of beach towels online.

Luxury beach towels

A day at the beach is way more enjoyable if you bring quality beach gear along with you. Not all beach towels are created equal, so make sure you only buy the best luxury beach towels from Boatshed7. Luckily there are enough quality options out there, available at a reasonable price, to suit every need and style.

The best luxury beach towels are well-made, super absorbent, quick-drying, and soft… and they should look great, too. Whether you love bold patterns or subtle shades, you’ll find your perfect beach towel with Boatshed7 and be ready for your best summer ever!

Shop the best range of beach towels at Boatshed7 now.

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Shop with our wide range of Towels at Boatshed7!

Shop with our wide range of Towels at Boatshed7!