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Luxury beach gear for a luxury summer holiday

Luxury beach gear for a luxury summer holiday

Beach essentials like beach towels, beach umbrella and beach sunscreen are just that - absolutely essential, regardless of whether you’re there to tan, surf, or just play in the shallows with the kids.

Of course, in addition to the necessities, there are a couple of luxury items you can add to your catalogue to elevate your beach trips and guarantee a fabulous time by the water.

This week, we’re turning the luxe up a notch, and sharing with you our favourite luxury beach items.

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Our favourite luxury beach gear

What’s a party without music? Introducing our WOW Beach Speaker

Whether it’s a playful track listing perfect for summer or chilled beats for an afternoon lazing by the pool, it isn’t a real party until there’s music. 

Smartphone speakers simply won’t do, and many portable speakers don’t have the added advantage of being both waterproof and sand-resistant.

But the WOW Beach Speaker does.

Enjoy high-volume omnidirectional sound in a compact, water and sand-resistant package.

With 50 hours of battery life and waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre, this speaker is just what you need for your next beach trip or tropical holiday.

It even comes with inbuilt lights for nighttime use once you’ve returned home or to your room.

Take it easy - float on with our beach floats

When you think of beach floats, you probably think of things like swim rings.

But did you also think of the WOW Water Mat, a huge 6 x 6 foot mat that can be connected with others to create makeshift walkways or even a floating cricket strip?

Luxury beach gear

How about a giant inflatable flamingo that holds up to five of your friends? Or a cool floating cabana that provides additional shade from the sun?

Or what about the ultimate 12-person islander float, perfect for the lake or river, or a red paddle ride 10.8 that’s sure to command attention?

Our Giant Flamingo (and Giant Inflatable Unicorn) floats even have built-in eskies, allowing you to enjoy a drink while on the water - how’s that for luxury?

Who needs styrofoam cups?

Let’s face it, styrofoam cups don’t have much going for them: they’re not reusable, they simply don’t look good, and they’re bad for the planet.

If you’re planning on enjoying a few drinks by the pool or beach, class it up with some quality glassware that looks the part.

Our Social Beach Glasses from Social Drinkware are made using recycled materials that replicate the feel, look and weight of a proper glass, but without the risk of smashing.

Their unique feel as well as their stem-free, flat-bottom design make them the perfect fit for the outdoors.

Our range also includes wine glass holders and stakes that go directly in the sand (or grass if you’re in the park), giving you a stable place to leave your drink without having to worry about it tipping over or breaking.

A better class of esky

Eskies are a crucial part of any beach party - but cheap, poorly made ones are clunky, cumbersome, and a little bit ugly!

You can do better than this.

Our Rovr 60 cooler is the ultimate beach esky:

  • 56 litres of carrying capacity
  • 10 days of ice retention for long holidays
  • Optional deep freeze storage compartment
  • Anchoring pins for accessories
  • Thick, 23cm tyres make this one of the most mobile eskies out there

With a strong stainless steel frame as well as a certified shark-resistant moulded body and a 5-year warranty, this is the ultimate in portable food storage.

Luxurious in every way that matters

If you ask us, “luxury” isn’t just about features and style.

No, the real sign of luxury is also in the things you don’t see immediately:

  • Materials
  • Build-quality
  • Fit and finish

The only way to find out for sure is to actually trial them before making a purchase.

Luxury beach gear

Our range of luxury beach gear isn’t just luxury in terms of their features - our team of beach afficianadoes take each of our products out for a spin before deciding whether or not to stock them.

What’s more, we get in touch with manufacturers wherever possible and check whether or not the materials are PVC and BPA-free, ethically-sourced and recycled - traits rarely found in cheaper, mass-produced products.

Only the ones that we judge as having that sheen of quality get our stamp of approval.

Even the most basic gear we stock like sunscreen needs to live up to these same standards, ensuring that no matter what you buy from our online beach shop, you’re guaranteed to get a quality product.

Our online beach shop has all the beach stuff you need for summer

Whether you’re in the market for beach essentials or looking for a more sophisticated way of enjoying the summer heat, Boatshed7 has you covered.

From beach necessities like towels and cocoil sunscreen through to our selection of high-end beach gear, we’ve got everything you need for a summer of sun and fun (and luxury).

Interested? You’d best move quickly - with summer fast approaching, you’re going to have to start shopping soon, before the (virtual) queues really start!

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