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Christmas gift ideas for beach-loving teens

Christmas gift ideas for beach-loving teens

Summer has finally arrived.

And with that, teenagers everywhere are reaching for their beach floats, red paddle ride 10.8 and their sunnies, headed for the nearest body of water.

So, why not make the 2020-21 summer the best one yet by leaning into their love of the beach when shopping for Christmas presents?

Boatshed7 has a wide range of great Christmas gifts that will get your teen’s summer off to a great start, with everything from beach floats to chill on the water to trendy beach sunnies that’ll turn heads.

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the beach, your favourite lake, or even just hanging by the pool this summer - if you have a beach-mad teenager, Boatshed7 has you covered.

Gift ideas for your teenager

Providing people with all the essentials for a summer of fun and relaxation is what Boatshed7 does best.

We have a large range of highly sought after global brands, and we ship worldwide.

Not only is our range fantastic, but we exclusively choose high-quality gear and brands that blow cheap and flimsy department store brands out of the water.

Beach floats

There’s nothing more relaxing than lying back on a beach float, and letting the water lap around your body.

the nice fleet floats

Beach floats have become quite the hot item for teenagers at summertime, with every good teen summer movie featuring a beach or pool float at some point. 

Buy something from our range of beach floats, and you’re going to put smiles on a lot of faces come Christmas morning.

In particular, The Nice Fleet floats are the perfect Christmas gift for any teenager who’s looking to travel the world without leaving the water. Bring a little bit of the world’s best beaches into your backyard pool or local beach this summer.

These beach floats have been specifically designed to represent beaches from all over the world. From The Hamptons and Rio to Long Island, these beach floats bring a little bit of luxury into your teen’s beach or pool trips.

From floral beach floats to patterns of swimming figures, The Nice Fleet’s range of floats offer a unique, one of a kind gift for any beach-loving teen.

Beach Sunnies

Is your teenager...

  • Still stuck with an old pair of shades that look just a little bit naff?
  • Using shades that are a poor fit for their face?
  • Stuck with flimsy, cheap sunglasses?
  • Wearing a style that’s a couple of seasons out-of-date?
  • Or not even protecting their eyes when they’re at the beach?

The Aussie summer experience isn’t quite complete without the perfect pair of beach sunnies. As such, they’re a great gift for teens - or really, for people of any age.

Sunglasses give teenagers that extra bit of summer confidence - more importantly, they also provide their eyes a little reprieve from the hot Aussie sun. Each of our sunnies are fully UV-rated, protecting them from eye damage that can come after long days at the beach.

Not to mention, our range of chic and durable beach sunnies are oozing with style, with designs to fit most faces. 

Waboba balls

Buy a gift the whole family can enjoy. 


beach floats
Waboba balls are a great way to enjoy some eco-friendly fun, as the company has vowed to eliminate all plastic from its packaging by 2021.


What makes these balls stand apart from other beach balls is the fact that these ones bounce on water.

And that opens up a whole world of different options for active teens the next time they go to the beach.

Waboba Wolf Pack

Ball games are always better when you’re to bring your furry companions into it - that’s why our online beach shop carries the Waboba Wolf Pack. Bring your dog along on the fun, so no family member misses out.

This pack includes a Jetwag Disc, a Tailwind ball, and a Fetch ball. These make the perfect toys for playing frisbee or fetch with your dog in the water.

Giant unicorn float

Who said that beach floats needed to be a one-person affair?

Whether you want to chill with your friends or are looking to bring the entire family together, this 6-person floating device needs to be in your shopping cart.

In addition to holding 6 adults in comfort, this giant unicorn float for 6 people stands out thanks to its magical design.

With a built in cooler and cup holder this is the perfect float to relax the summer away on: the whole family can jump aboard this durable float and enjoy time together on the water.

If unicorns aren’t really your thing, then you can always try the giant inflatable flamingo. Either way, your group is going to be the coolest family at the beach or lake.

Buy Christmas gifts for teens this summer

No matter what your plans are this summer you can find the perfect Christmas gift for your teens at Boatshed7.

We specialise in providing fast shipping of the world’s best beach brands to shoppers all around Australia.

And if you’re new to the Boatshed family, you can enjoy 5% off your first order!

Whether your teenager is looking for a beach towel, beach sunnies, matador droplet wet bag, a beach chair, or beach floats this summer, we’re your one stop shop for all things beach.

Start 2021 off the right way with Christmas gifts from Boatshed7 - click here to start shopping.