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From beach to backyard: beach chair essentials

From beach to backyard: beach chair essentials

Not all time spent at the beach will consist of splashing around in the water or building sandcastles with the little ones. 

Sometimes, you just want to chill out and let the beach atmosphere wash over you like a wave. Other times, you want to work on your tan or finally finish that book you’ve been meaning to read.

And for whatever reason, the traditional beach towel + sand combo just isn’t cutting it.

Maybe you don’t find it comfortable. Perhaps you’re sick of cleaning sand out afterwards. Either way, you’ve made your mind up: it’s time to upgrade to a beach chair.

Beach chair shopping: a surprisingly complex subject!

For most people, buying a beach chair is a simple matter of “I like the colours of that one” or “that one isn’t too pricey”.

In both cases, people fall for the common mistake of thinking “it’s just a chair”.

Of course, it’s this mindset that leads to people ending up with beach chairs that:

  • Aren't strong or durable enough
  • Only last one season
  • Fade quickly
  • Just aren’t very comfortable

If you ask us, the best beach chair is one that you only have to buy once. Ideally, it’ll last you for years and countless beach trips without any wear-and-tear or problems.

Just one question: how do you find this mystical “perfect” beach chair?

Luckily, there are a couple of things you can focus on looking for when hunting down the perfect beach chair for you.

How to find a chair you can take from the backyard to the beach

beach chair essentials

What is the most comfortable beach chair?

Comfort is in the eye of the beholder.

And in all cases, it really does come down to what you prefer.

For example, look at the part of the chair that you’ll actually be sitting on: is it firm and strong? Is the material soft and durable?

Just look at our sling chair as an example - with generous amounts of slack, this chair offers maximum comfort and support. It keeps you low to the ground and allows you to completely relax.

In contrast to sling chairs, there are two-piece chairs - these offer a sturdier seat and usually prop you up a little higher and straighter than a sling chair. If you like sitting up at the beach, a two-piece might be better suited.

How do I keep my beach chair from rusting?

Well firstly, choose a chair that’s rust-resistant! 

The beach is probably one of the worst places for anything metal, full stop. All of the humidity, the moisture from sea spray, the salinity… on their own, each of these can wreak havoc with anything metal.

All three together? Oh boy, your beach chair is in for a tough time!

The best beach chairs are specially designed to resist corrosion and rust - just look at our range of beach chairs from Business & Pleasure Co.

With wooden frames, minimal metal and stainless steel components for what little metal they weren’t able to eliminate, these beach chairs are literally designed to be as rust-proof as possible.

Just another reason they’re some of the best beach chairs around!

What’s the lightest beach chair, and is it the right choice for your beach shopping?

business & pleasure beach chair

It’s important that your beach chair is lightweight, and that it doesn’t leave you feeling unnecessarily encumbered when you head down to the beach - you’ve got to lug the thing from the car to the sand, after all.

Of course, go too light and you're left with a chair that’s flimsy and not able to take your weight.

If you ask us, a better question to be asking yourself isn’t what the lightest beach chair is, but striking the best balance between lightweight and strong.

Choose a beach chair that looks fantastic

We’re going to be straight with you: a lot of outdoor chairs just look kind of cheap.

You know the sort that we’re talking about:

  • Thin canvas for the seat itself
  • Mesh instead of more substantial materials
  • Plain aluminium for the frame
  • Lots of plastic parts

While they get the job done, the fact of the matter is that they just don’t look very good, whether they’re in the backyard, the beach, the campground, or even the local footy field.

Something like our Yellow Beach Chair is designed to invoke the stylish looks of beach gear of yesteryear - and is highly durable and strong.

Regardless of whether it’s your next beach holiday or a picnic down at your local park, this particular beach chair (as well as every chair from our range) looks incredible and gets heads turning, no matter the location.

All your beach essentials: get summer-ready with Boatshed7!

In addition to beach chairs, our online beach shop features all the beach gear you need, from the absolute essentials to awesome games, toys, Klaoos beach umbrellas and accessories that will take your beach trip to the next level.

We get it: there are a lot of places that sell beach gear. What makes our online beach shop worth stopping by?

Well, for starters our store specialises in beach equipment. Unlike the local department store, beach gear is all we do.

That means we have much higher standards for all of the different items that we stock!

Whether you’re in the market for essentials like beach umbrellas or something unique like our eye-catching beach floats, and red paddle ride 10.8 that you won’t find any sub-par or second-rate beach gear here!

Just like our beach chairs, every item we stock is evaluated at our company testing facility (the local beach) by our experienced testers (us!)

Of course, that’s not all - we also carefully check each item to ensure that it’s:

  • Made of recycled materials
  • Is UV and corrosion-resistant
  • BPA and PVC-free
  • Ocean-friendly
  • Recyclable once its time comes

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