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SunButter Surf Zinc  - Tan
SunButter Surf Zinc  - Tan
SunButter Surf Zinc  - Tan
SunButter Surf Zinc  - Tan


SunButter Surf Zinc - Tan


Natural Zinc Sunscreen

Whether you are planning on spending loads of time in the water or even outside of it and on the trails or the beach, SunButter’s Surf Zinc will keep you from harm. Not only is it simple to apply (just like buttering bread!), you can trust it to stay on your skin for those long sessions.

And if there weren’t already enough reasons for you to be smothering your face in SunButter Surf Zinc, you’ll also love the smell! 

  • We don’t use any chemicals,
  • parabens,
  • or added fragrances.
  • You don’t have to put on anything artificial to protect your skin.

Stay natural with SunButter’s Surf Zinc!


  • Non-nano particle zinc oxide,
  • Locally sourced Australian beeswax,
  • Sweet almond oil,
  • Virgin coconut oil,
  • Organic unrefined cocoa butter.
  • Iron oxides.
  • Large 70g tin