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SomerSide Beach Collections

Life should be full of adventure, laughter, moments of pure joy, and colour. We all have towels that do different things but not one towel that can do it all so we created SomerSide; Designed to suit your lifestyle, for all travels and adventures. SomerSide as a brand was created for those that seek something more while still caring to use less. 

Meet Gabby Samkova- Aussie born Founder of SomerSide. Adventurous and active soul that can’t quite commit to having her feet in one place. Having travelled for years, the idea stemmed from the necessity to have a versatile and beautiful towel that could be used for every activity.

After taking up surfing whilst living in Bali, Gabby quickly noticed how polluted the water was with plastic. It hit her- literally. SomerSide was created as a more sustainable product to keep plastic out of our oceans and forests.

It’s more than just a brand, it’s bringing together a community of individuals who embrace all that life has to offer. 

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