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Salty Shadow Beach Chairs 

Salty Shadows Beach Umbrellas and Beach Chairs have grown out of their love for the ocean. Days spent in the water and on the sand can always have you yearning for some cool shade, 
Slightly overwhelmed with the majority of beach umbrellas consisting of only stripes, Salty Shadows wanted to create beautiful high quality beach umbrellas and beach chairs  that stand out from the rest. 
Having a young family there are always the essentials to take to the beach,  and a beach umbrella is a must. It means you can spend more time at the beach in summer,  kids can have a nap in the shade and you can relax knowing they aren't exposed to the sun all day.
Salty Shadows aims to create ethically sourced and mindful products. 
What they aim to do is create products that will last, are fully recyclable and use available methods to reduce impacts on our earth

Salty Shadows  never overproduce and only do small runs each season. 

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