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Some of the best family-friendly beaches in Australia

Some of the best family-friendly beaches in Australia

The coastline of Australia is a water playground suitable for all ages. Let the fun at the beach begin.

With a vast coastline of sparkling white sands and crystal clear waters, it's not surprising that Australians become acquainted with the beach from a young age.

From rock pools with secluded vistas to simply digging up sand and looking for shells, there's something for the entire family on Australia’s incredible assortment of sandy beaches.

Here are some of the best family-friendly beaches in Australia

Balmoral Beach, Sydney

Balmoral Beach in Sydney is the place to go if you're seeking lovely scenic beaches and calm waves.

Balmoral Beach is a wonderful place for families to spend time together. Kids will enjoy playing in the water and exploring the surrounding playground, while parents will appreciate the easy access to picnic spots, amenities, and shade.

Don't forget to bring your beach chairs to lounge in style while enjoying this beach's stunning view.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

You can't visit Sydney without spending a day at Bondi Beach, where the crystal-clear waters meet the epic surf.

It’s one of the most famous town beaches, with great reason. The golden sands of Bondi Beach are a slice of heaven. Your visit to Bondi Beach is not complete without your stylish and quality beach umbrella ready to fix into the sand to provide cool shade after taking a dip in the ocean.

The Pass Beach, Byron Bay

Families frequently travel to The Pass Beach in summer because of the area's clear waters, natural swimming holes, and national parks that provide shade. It is also suitable for children, with plenty of safe paddling options in calm, shallow waters.

The Pass is the most sheltered beach in the Clarence Valley, with plenty of facilities, and is the perfect place to introduce your little ones to the ocean.

Don't forget to ensure adequate sun protection including eco-friendly sunscreen, whether you’re planning to catch some waves on the board or some ZZZs on your beach chair.

Burleigh Beach, Gold Coast

Enjoy the day exploring everything Burleigh Beach offers, including the white sand, and legendary surf breaks.

Additionally, visit a range of cafes, high end restaurants, and bars, as well as markets and a casual stroll up Burleigh Hill.

A busy day out means a ton of beach gear, so make it easy to lug all your stuff around with waterproof beach bags.

Cottesloe Beach, Perth

Where pure white sand meets crystal clear blue waters.

Cherished for surfing and snorkeling, the whole family will fall in love with Cottesloe Beach.

Cottesloe is one of Perth’s most popular beaches and it’s easy to see with its consistent waves and wide beach, it’s perfect for beginner and experienced surfers alike.

Catch a wave at Cottesloe today!

Noosa Heads Main Beach, Noosa

Noosa Heads Main Beach is a family-friendly beach with a wide range of restaurants, hotels and bars. Bond with your friends and family in Noosa Heads Main Beach, one of the most stunning and sought-after beaches in the world.

There are a lot of activities that the whole family will surely enjoy on this amazing beach, like surfing, swimming, sunbathing and more. Do not forget to bring your beach blankets to relax on.

Noosa Heads Main Beach is ideal for swimming because the waves here are gentler and less turbulent than some other beaches.
There aren't any sudden drops in the crystal water, and there are numerous lifeguards on the shores and in the ocean patrolling for your safety throughout the year.

Do not waste time and energy cooking meals for your whole family because they have numerous bars and restaurants where you can relax while enjoying mouth-watering foods and sipping delicious drinks.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Get ready for a fun and unforgettable getaway with your family and friends at Whitehaven Beach, one of the best beaches in Australia.

This stunning beach is home to the finest sands in the world and is full of exciting possibilities.

On Whitehaven Beach, you can engage in all sorts of waters sports and activities like taking cruises, sailing, powerboating, chartering yachts and snorkeling the beautiful waters to get close to the marine life of Australia.

Bells Beach, Victoria

Bells Beach is a beautiful spot on the coast of Victoria, Australia that is perfect for a family vacation. If you're looking for a place to enjoy some time with your family while also getting in some surfing, Bells Beach is the perfect spot.

Bells Beach is one of Australia's most famous surf spots. The beach is located in Victoria, on the south-east coastline. Surfers from all over the world come to Bells Beach to ride the waves.

This beach is also home to the annual Rip Curl Pro surfing competition. It is a beautiful place to visit, with its sandy shores and spectacular views. It's a great place to learn how to surf. There are several surf schools in the area that offer lessons for all levels of experience. If you're looking for an exhilarating surfing experience, Bells Beach is the perfect place to visit.