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Make this Summer the most memorable ever with a Summer Beach Party

Make this Summer the most memorable ever with a Summer Beach Party


Making Life-Long Beach Memories

Hosting a beach party has always been a fantastic idea, and today, it's easier than ever to ensure it's a guaranteed hit. So, what do you need to throw a memorable beach gathering in today's world?

1. Location and Permission:

First and foremost, you can still have a beach party today. Public beaches are accessible for gatherings, but it's crucial to respect rules and regulations. Always ensure you have the necessary permissions if required by local authorities.

2. Beach Party Ambiance:

To create an unforgettable atmosphere, consider enhancing the natural beach ambiance. You can bring along a portable beach speaker to set the mood with your favourite tunes. Opt for hosting your party during the magical hours of dusk or sunset for added atmosphere. Don't limit your fun to the sand – take the party out to the water with inflatable floats, some even with built-in coolers. These larger-than-life beach floats can really level up your ambiance.

3. Beach-Friendly Food:

No beach party is complete without food. Focus on "beach-friendly" options that are easy to eat, require minimal preparation, store well, and are refreshing. Think about snacks and finger foods that can be enjoyed on the go. Each item on your menu should ideally check at least three of these boxes.

4. Games and Entertainment:

Keep everyone entertained with beach games. There's a wide range of options for adults, from classic beach volleyball to Ultimate Frisbee. Don't forget to consider water games as well. Having a variety of games will keep your guests engaged and ensure a good time for all.

5. Space Matters:

Beaches can get crowded, so securing ample space for your party is essential. You can avoid the crowds by timing your event for quieter hours like dusk or choosing a less busy location. If you're unsure where to find a private spot, research local beach options for less crowded areas.

Beach Parties for Kids: If your beach party includes children, consider their needs. Provide age-appropriate beach toys and games to keep them entertained. From buckets and spades to innovative water toys like the Waboba Ball, make sure there's something for every age group.

Beach-Themed Outfit: Finally, don't forget to plan your beach outfit. Opt for light and airy clothing that provides freedom of movement and keeps you cool. Sandals, shorts, lightweight dresses, and linen button-ups are great choices. Accessorise with beach essentials like sunglasses, hats, and umbrellas that not only protect you from the sun but also add to your style.

Remember, your beach gear should be both practical and stylish, and Boatshed7 offers a wide selection of beach essentials that combine both form and function. Whether you're planning a big beach bash or a smaller gathering, having the right gear can make all the difference. So, gear up for your next beach adventure and start shopping now to ensure it's a day to remember!