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How to choose a beach chair for your next trip to the beach

How to choose a beach chair for your next trip to the beach

The beach.

Even the word alone evokes feelings of tranquility, joy, and warmth.

The soft sand under your feet. The calming sounds of the water crashing onto the shore. And the occasional squawk of a seagull!

The beach is our happy place, and if you’ve landed here, we think it might just be yours too.

Organising a beach day with your family or friends? There are many things to remember to bring when planning for a trip to the beach.

One such critical item? The beach chair.

People generally use their towel to both sit on at the beach (as well as to dry themselves). And while in some cases this will do, it’s certainly not as comfortable as your very own chair.

Beach chairs provide a ton more comfort that your beach towel, along with a back support you won’t get from sitting on your towel.

What are the best chairs for the beach?

So you want to purchase a beach chair but are unsure what features to look for and which one might be best suited to you.

We outline each major factor that you should consider when it comes to making this purchase decision.

The material the beach chair is made from

A key difference to the manufacturing of beach chairs compared to regular chairs is that they are crafted to withstand the long term impact of natural, outdoor elements, like wind, sun, salt water and sand.

As such, it’s common to find beach chairs crafted from durable materials such as timber and water and UV-resistant fabrics.

All of Boatshed 7’s beach chair brands are crafted from high quality materials designed to withstand nature’s conditions.

How easy the chair is to transport

In most cases, you want to find a chair that neatly folds up and is easy to transport from car to sand.

Boatshed7 has a range of folding beach chairs, making transportation - and importantly, storage when not in use - a breeze.

Many of our chairs also come with carry bags or straps to make it even easier to carry your chair around.

Check out each product’s description to see the exact weight, dimensions, and weight capacity for our beach chairs.

What is the lightest beach chair?

Our lightest beach chair is the SunnyLife Terry Lounger Beach Chair, available in gorgeous tones of olive and pink. So how is this chair so lightweight? Well for starters, it doesn’t actually have legs!

At first glance, it looks a bit like a seat cushion, but a discrete stainless steel frame sets a new bar for beach chair portability.

What are the best folding chairs?

Boatshed7 offers a variety of beach chairs and almost all the beach chairs we sell are foldable. Here are some of our favourites.

  • The SunnyLife Premium Beach Chair is foldable and is fitted with a strap for you to sling over your shoulder, making this lightweight chair super easy to transport
  • If you’re looking for a durable and foldable beach chair, the ici et la' Premium Sling Chair offers both support thanks to its timber frame (ethically sourced), and comfort, with its sling seat, made from specialist UV resistant fabric.
  • Or if you’re looking for a compact beach chair that offers four different reclining positions, sink your toes into the sand with the Sunflow Premium Beach Chair.

Other features

Beach chairs can have a range of extra, fun features such as:

  • Storage compartments
  • Cup holders
  • Sun shades
  • Head rests
  • Can be carried like a backpack when folded

Beach chairs have come a long way. Any feature you can think of and there’s bound to be a beach chair somewhere that has it.

Another important feature to consider is whether you prefer a two-piece chair (with a separate seat and back) or a sling chair.

If you prefer to feel reclined and sunken into the chair, a sling chair is perhaps more suitable. However if you like to be propped up with sturdy support, we suggest opting for a two-piece chair.

Sunflow Premium Beach Chair

Our beach chair brands

You also need to do your research to determine which brands make good quality items.

Don’t be tempted by cheap, mass produced items crafted from poor quality materials that aren’t kind to our environment. In most cases, they’ll usually become a wasteful purchase as they barely last for a single summer.

At Boatshed7, we carefully curate a premium collection of beach chair brands, ensuring each meets our ethos of sharing durable, high quality, and ethical beach gear with people all over the world.


Sunflow is a small business brand that specialises in beach chairs.

It was created out of the desire to want beach chairs that not only offered supreme comfort, but that looked fantastic, too.

One of our most popular items is the Sunflow Premium Beach Chair which has a bunch of fabulous features like a sun shade, cup holder, and dry bag to keep your valuables safe.

The Stripes

Company Inspired by the traditional English seaside, The Stripes Co design and manufacture strong and durable sling chairs perfect for relaxing on the sand.

Ici et La

Ici et La - French for here and there - creates stylish beach chairs using ethically spruced timbers and UV resistant materials.

We’ll forgive you for thinking you’ve been transported to a glamorous European beach the moment you sink into these beach chairs.

Beach chair

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