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Premium Beach Shade

Premium Beach Shade

Keep with the trends this summer and choose a premium cabana or beach umbrella to kick off your vintage summer look.

A premium beach cabana or umbrella is the perfect beach essential to provide shade and protection from the sun. It also aids in keeping you cool!

If you are looking for a beach cabana or umbrella, Boatshed7 is Australia’s leading beach shade stockist, with the largest range of designs and brands available. Explore Boatshed7’s collection of premium cabanas and beach umbrellas and get set for your best summer ever.


Business & Pleasure Co. umbrellas

Inspired by vintage beaches from all over the world, Business & Pleasure Co’s range of stunning beach umbrellas command attention by the water!

Stunning prints and cotton tassels: these cute features add a touch of vintage charm to these beautiful and durable beach umbrellas.

The shades are made from a polyester and cotton blend with UV and water resistant treatment, while the poles are crafted from reclaimed timber wood.

Discover tassel umbrellas with a vintage touch from Business & Pleasure Co.

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Klaoos umbrellas

Eco-friendly lifestyle brand Klaoos manufactures its products in Italy, France, and Germany, within a 1000km radius to reduce their emissions.

They are passionate about reducing the waste involved in making cheap and disposable sun umbrellas.

Their products are crafted from recycled plastic bottles, while their shade printing process uses less water than the traditional method.

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Shade yourself in style!
Looking for a beach umbrella? Make the right choice with these tips.


First and foremost, you want to select an umbrella that is built to high standards and for the long-run.

The market is saturated with poorly made products that are cheap, unsustainable, and hardly last more than a single summer, so it’s our mission to introduce you to quality brands you might have never discovered otherwise!

We love bringing brands from all over the world that focus on quality and durability, with an eye on sustainability, to our Aussie beaches.


Shade and pole size is closely linked, so the larger your shade, the longer your pole will be.

The size of the shade is usually determined by its purpose. Will you be moving it regularly as you transport it to and from the beach?

Perhaps you’re a business, like a cafe or restaurant, looking to shade an outdoor area with more permanent, fitted umbrellas?

Also keep in mind how you’ll be transporting your umbrellas (so think about how big your car is!)


Portability and size go hand in hand.

Beach umbrellas can be folded down into a neat and portable unit, designed to go wherever you do!

Most of our range of umbrellas come with a nifty little travel bag, so the only effort you’ll need is picking it up and slinging it over your shoulder as you head for the waves!

Eco-friendly materials

No shady business here!

At Boatshed7, we make it our mission to select brands and products that are eco-friendly or passionate about recycled manufacturing.

Reclaimed wooden poles, recycled plastic shades… we’ve always got an eye on sustainability when it comes to building our beach umbrella catalogue!

We’re proud to bring brands that align with our values to your next beach trip!


We love to see a variety of colours dotted along the sand!

From bold colour palettes to stunning vintage washes adorned with tassels - a beach umbrella becomes an extension of your personal style at the beach!

Whether you want to match your surroundings with ocean tones of blue and green, love classy neutral shades, or want to stand out from the crowd with bold colours and patterns, you’ll find beach umbrellas in a range of colours at Boatshed7!


Of course, in addition to all the considerations above, you want to choose an umbrella that you love, and that suits your unique style and personal taste.

Whether you prefer a vintage feel with adorable tassels or bold, bright colours, you’ll be lounging in style under your new favourite beach accessory!

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