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Beach toys & sand toys

Beach toys & sand toys

Don’t worry - beach happy! Enjoy the sand, sun, and water with Boatshed7’s awesome collection of beach toys & sand toys!

Remember playing at the beach as kids? How carefree, effervescent, and invincible we felt?

Now, it’s your children’s turn to let their imaginations run wild at the beach!

Summer days are the best time to enjoy outdoor toys to break away your children from their screens — a beach toy set is the perfect way to spend an afternoon splashing in the water or digging around in the sand.

The sky is the limit when choosing beach toys to enjoy at the beach with the whole family. Discover the best eco-friendly beach toys in Australia, made with love from the world’s best brands only at Boatshed7. Don’t forget to bring your kids' accessories such as towels and beach toys with you and let the fun begin. Play in the sand and waves and make your vacation memorable.


Fun in the sun: is there a better way to spend time with the kids than exploring all the beach has to offer? We think not!

Get set for your best summer ever with the best beach toy set and sand toys from Boatshed7.

We love curating brands that share our same vision: high-quality toys made sustainably, from recycled materials and free from any nasties!

We’ve found some of our favourite brands from all over the world - and we’re so excited to bring them to you and your young tots, right here in Australia!


PlanToys is a green brand from Thailand creating the cutest companions for your kids’ day out at the beach!

PlanToys’ products are sustainably created from chemical free rubberwood (a sustainable latex by-product), and they choose recyclable packaging and water-based inks.

Stimulate imaginative and interactive play and promote sensory awareness in the water or on the sand with PlanToys’ adorable collection of beach toys! Most toys are suitable for toddlers aged 2 and up.

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Green Toys

The GreenToys brand is one of our most-loved here at Boatshed7!

Their goal is to create fun and sustainable toys that promote imaginative play for toddlers and help develop their gross and fine motor skills - without a battery in sight.

The shades are made from a polyester and cotton blend with UV and water resistant treatment, while the poles are crafted from reclaimed timber wood.

Made in the USA from recycled materials, Green Toys’ range of bath and water toys - including the popular seaplane and submarine - will entertain and delight your young ones!

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Waboba beach ball & beach toys

Playful, carefree, and young-at-heart: Waboba sure knows how to have fun in the sun!

Their range of toys, accessories, and games will have you longing for days by the ocean with the warmth of the sand beneath your feet.

Their quality products are built to last, and crafted from recyclable and non-toxic materials. The brand has also pledged to have zero plastic used in operations and packaging by 2021!

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Stimulate curious and imaginative play by the seaside with Boatshed7’s range of kids beach toys!
We love curating brands from all over the world that share our same passion of eco-friendly, sustainable, and thoughtful manufacturing that doesn’t harm our environment.
These are just a few features we look out for...

BPA-free plastic

BPA (or “Bisphenol A”) is a compound used when plastic is created. BPA has been linked to health issues including heart disease.

As such, opting for BPA-free products (from drink bottles to chopping boards, and everything in between) is a conscious decision more and more people are making.

Eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing keeps BPA out of your children’s beach toys!

Recycled materials

Reclaimed materials including plastic and timber find their second life!

Diverting waste from landfill, these ingenious companies use materials such as milk cartons to create your kids’ new favourite beach toys!

Ethical manufacturing

Holistic and ethical manufacturing processes are at the forefront of our curated brands.

Additionally, each step of their supply chain is considered to reduce emissions and save energy where possible.

Thoughtful packaging

Recyclable cardboard makes up a majority of these brands’ packaging options. They remove the need for plastic ties, packaging, and labelling wherever possible.

For eco-friendly kids toys built with purpose and designed to last a lifetime, look no further than Boatshed7.

The importance of learning through play

Many may not realise how something as seemingly simple as play can make such an impact on a child’s development.

Rich, open-ended, and creative: learning through play helps children’s:

  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Exploration skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Cognitive development

What better way to learn through play than in the sand by the ocean with Boatshed7’s curated collection of kids and baby beach toys!

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