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No shady business: tips for buying the best beach umbrella

No shady business: tips for buying the best beach umbrella

“Which beach umbrella to buy?”

Like that should even be a problem, right? This should be simple - as long as it provides shade, anything should go… right?

If only it were that easy!

Like buying the right pair of beach sunglasses or the right natural sunscreen for sensitive skin, there’s a lot of different things you’ll need to consider when buying beach umbrellas.

Not all beach umbrellas are made equal. If you want to stay safe under the sun, a good umbrella is an absolute must-have.

Luckily, we’re here to make sure you know what you’re getting into!

1) Is your beach umbrella big enough for its purpose?

For your umbrella to protect you from the sun, it needs to be able to cover you while you’re busy soaking it all in.

So what better place to start your french umbrella shopping than by looking at its size and coverage?

What you need to remember is that diameter doesn’t always represent coverage. Sure, the tag might say that your beach umbrella is 2 metres across. Open it up however and you might find that you aren’t completely protected!

The two most important measurements to remember?

  • Diameter: the width of your umbrella when fully unfolded
  • Arch diameter: the width of your umbrella’s material

  • Imagine a semicircle. Diameter is the length of the base, while arch diameter is the length of the curve, and will always be longer than diameter.

    Not a big deal - but something you should be aware of when choosing the right size shade.

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    2) Practical considerations: how sturdy is your umbrella?

    Ask anyone who’s ever tried using a rain umbrella at the beach, and they’ll tell you that it can be a lot harder than you might think!

    Beaches are warm, sunny and heaps of fun for all ages. They’re also super windy at times.

    Mix ocean winds with cheap and flimsy beach umbrellas, and you’ve got a problem.

    You should be chilling under your beach umbrella, not chasing it along the beach.

    If you don’t want your beach umbrella Mary Poppins-ing its way into the sky, you’ll need to find one that sits securely in the sand.

    Our range of beach umbrellas are specially designed with long bottom poles that let you stick them deep into the sand, nice and snug.

    And here’s something different: the Angelique beach umbrella from French brand Klaoos comes with clever straps that attach to beach chairs, keeping it secure and stopping it from taking flight!

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    3) Sun protection is king

    You want to come back from the beach with good memories and a thoroughly sandy swimsuit.

    What you don’t want to bring back with you is painful, itchy sunburn.

    You applied sunscreen and sat beneath your umbrella. So what gives?

    A lot of the time, it’s your cheap umbrella’s fault.

    Here’s the kicker: you may not know it, but not all shade is made equal. If you want to protect yourself, you need a beach umbrella that actually offers protection from harmful UV rays!

    You know sunscreen, and its SPF rating for UV? Well, fabrics have their own UV rating system: UPF!

    Just because your beach umbrella is opaque doesn’t mean that UV rays aren’t getting through.

    That’s why it’s so important that you need to look for ones that have been specially crafted with UV treatment and protection.

    4) Choose a beach umbrella that’ll turn heads

    Beach envy is real - in fact, it’s what drove us to open our online beach shop in the first place!

    We’ve all had moments where you look at the most stylish person on the beach and think “Wow, I wish I looked as glamorous as that.”

    A good beach ensemble - including a sylin’ Klaoos beach umbrella - can instantly turn you into the most chic, fashion-forward person on the beach.

    Sure, it might not be the big, make-or-break consideration - of course, that doesn’t mean that you can completely overlook it!

    No matter what beach umbrella you buy, it’s got to look good too.

    Luckily, we’ve got just what you need.

    We don’t just stock beach umbrellas - we stock beach umbrellas that look great.

    You won’t find any cheap, boring beach umbrellas in our online beach shop.

    One of the brands we carry is Business & Pleasure beach umbrellas.

    They’ve got a high quality range inspired by everything vintage: think vintage lace-lined umbrellas or retro 70s-inspired designs, bold nautical stripes perhaps a white beach umbrella and more!

    Whatever style you end up choosing, you’ll be proud to rock up with one of our umbrellas in your beach bag.

    The best range of beach umbrellas in Australia!

    Buy beach umbrellas - and more - from our online beach shop

    Boatshed7 is your one-stop shop for the coolest, chicest, and most exciting beach gear from all over the world. We have everything you need for a great day out!

    You won’t find any cheaply made products here - only beach umbrellas that are:

    • UV-rated
    • Stylish and good looking
    • Made consciously and sustainably

    Of course, it isn’t just umbrellas, either.

    Fact: only half of the UV you’ll be exposed to is direct UV. The rest actually comes from reflections and ambient light!

    While an umbrella plays its role, it’s only part of the solution. Good thing our online beach shop also stocks sunglasses, beach hats and reef-friendly sunscreen as well!

    Eager to get beach-ready? Start with our most popular categories and shop online now!