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Buying the best beach chair: here’s what to look out for!

Buying the best beach chair: here’s what to look out for!

Not everybody likes sand - it’s coarse, rough, and can be super irritating thanks to its habit of getting everywhere.

While a beach towel laid out over the sand may offer a comfortable-enough place to sit for most, it isn’t for everybody. So, what’s the alternative?

Luckily for you, beach chairs are always an option.

If you’re the type of person who needs a little bit of elevation or you just aren’t that comfortable getting sand on your bottom, there’s a whole world of options out there when it comes to beach chairs.

But what should you be looking for in particular?

What should you sit on at the beach, if not the sand?

The problem is posture. While a chair might force you to adopt better posture by providing back support, sitting on the ground comes with no support.

Not only that, but a lot of people find themselves slouching forward to compensate for the fact that they can’t lean backwards.

Now stretch that out over several hours, and it can cause muscle pain in your lower back, resulting in a lot of discomfort.

For people who already have issues with their posture, a reclining beach chair is the best way to sit comfortably without causing pain.

Buying the best beach chair - what makes a comfortable beach chair?


Do you feel like you could just sit there for hours and soak in the beach atmosphere? Do you feel like you’re getting the support you need? If so, it’s a good chair.

One of the first things you should look for when choosing a beach chair is how adjustable it is. Can you make it go all the way back so you can soak in some rays, or is it locked into a 90-degree angle?

Sure, you might only be looking for a place to sit at the moment. But ‘a place to sit’ can quickly turn into an hours-long beach session, and that could include a nap, reading a book, or sipping on a cold drink.

While you can make do without an adjustable beach chair, it’s certainly going to be a lot less comfortable.


If you ask us, the best beach chairs in Australia are the ones that are made of fabric. And there are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Fabric is foldable, making these chairs easy to transport
  • Fabric has more slack, allowing it to adjust to your body better
  • Fabric is lightweight, supportive, and soft


In our opinion, the beach is the world’s longest catwalk. 

Buy premium beach chairs

Everything you bring with you from board shorts and swimwear down to your beach equipment leaves an impression.

Why should your beach chair be any different?

Your beach chair feels great to sit in - now choose one that looks the part.

We stock some of the best-looking beach chairs around, each of which are selected not just for function, but form as well.


How do you keep a chair from sinking in sand?

Two words: ground pressure.

This is the problem with using picnic chairs for your trip to the beach - while they may not be an issue at the local park, the sand is a different issue. On sand, the ground pressure might be too high, causing your chair to quickly sink.

That’s why beach chairs are different: our premium collection contains chairs crafted with thick, purpose-built legs to avoid this issue.

The idea is that thicker legs spread your weight out over a broader area - instead of a single point, all the weight will be distributed over a larger area, which prevents your chair from sinking into the sand.

How do I keep my beach chair from rusting?

We all know that metal teamed with moisture and humidity simply don’t mix - so you’d think that the beach would be the worst place to take a chair.

Buy premium beach chairs

However, there are two major considerations to make:

  1. Buy a beach chair with minimal metal parts
  2. Check the product description to make sure your chair is made using corrosion-resistant metal

Our range of beach chairs uses outdoor TEAK wood with UV coatings, with minimal metal. 

What few metal parts are in your chairs like screws we check to make sure they’re covered with protective coatings.

Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about your beach chair rusting after only a handful of trips to the beach.

Get the best beach chair online now with Boatshed7!

Getting the best beach chair starts with choosing the best online beach shop.

Why should we be your first stop on your beach shopping trip?

Simple: when you shop with us, you know you’re getting a quality product.

Each one of our premium beach chairs is carefully selected to give you the best performance possible:

  • UV protected so fabric won’t fade
  • Mould-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant

We also carefully check to ensure each product we carry is cruelty and BPA-free, and that recycled materials are used as much as possible.

And once you’ve got your beach chair sorted, make sure to expand your collection by adding one of the best beach umbrellas in Australia!

It isn’t just chairs and umbrellas, either: we have a huge collection of beach equipment to make your day out by the sea as enjoyable, comfortable, and relaxing as possible


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