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Beach chairs

Beach chairs

Eat. Sleep. Beach. Repeat! Lounge in style with Boatshed7’s range of fold up & reclining beach chairs.

The warmth of the sun. The gentle crashing of the waves on the shore. That unmistakable smell of the ocean.

We think it’s safe to say there’s no better place to be than soaking up the sun on the beach! When you are at the beach, you need a comfortable place to sit. Beach chairs are the perfect luxe accessory for your next day by the water.

Today’s fold up beach chairs are so functional that you can take them to more than just the sand: take them with you to the pool, beach camping, events and concerts, the local footy game, and even to a festival!

Multi-functional, sturdy, lightweight, and high-quality - it might be a lot to ask for from the humble beach chair, but rest assured you’ll find your perfect match here!

Boatshed7 loves curating beach chairs from all around the world and bringing them to your favourite beaches, anywhere in Australia!



Iconic beach accessory brand SunnyLife is a favourite here at Boatshed7.

We love their laid back, luxe, and vintage take on beach accessories, umbrellas, and chairs.

Explore the collection and shop online now for fast delivery across Australia and to 250+ countries worldwide!

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Bare feet and salty hair:
relax in style and total comfort during your next beach day.

Low beach chairs

Most beach chairs sit quite low to the ground: this design feature allows you to stretch your legs out onto the sand and enjoy a more relaxed position.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more traditional seated position, opt for a chair with longer legs that props you higher up.

Fold up beach chairs

You’d be hard pressed to find a beach chair that doesn’t have the clever functionality to fold up neatly.

What’s a little more challenging? Striking the perfect balance between strength and portability.

Transporting your fold up beach chair is one thing, but it’s equally important that when it comes to actually using it, it’s strong and sturdy, and can fulfil its purpose!

Easily slip your chair into the car and transport it to the water. Then, in just a few seconds, flip it open and relax in comfort!

Reclining beach chairs

Whether you want to lounge in complete relaxation, or be propped up to read a book, look for a beach chair that comes with multiple recline positions.

Ensure your desired comfort - even as it changes throughout the day!

Quality finishes

A beach chair with high-quality aluminium hardware and a coated timber frame are essential to ensure your beach chair lasts.

Choose a quality chair designed to last you endless summers! Look for beach chairs that have been treated to resist UV, water, and mould.

Beach chair styles

While beach chairs can differ in their materials, construction, and shape, there are two distinct styles you will probably see again and again. One is no better than the other; choosing between the two is a personal preference!

Classic sling chair

This classic shape is defined by a single piece of fabric connecting the back and seat.

Think of it like a hammock with a frame!

Sling beach chairs usually sit quite low to the ground, giving you that laid back, relaxed feel by the ocean.

2-piece beach chair

In contrast, a standard 2-piece chair is made up of two distinct pieces - the seat and the backrest.

The back support is adjustable, allowing you to recline to your desired comfort throughout the day.

Premium beach chairs

It might seem like you’re expecting a lot from your beach chair, but the market is unfortunately saturated with poor quality, cheap chairs that will hardly last you more than a summer.

Don’t waste your money on cheap gear that will end up in landfill way too soon; ensure you choose a chair crafted to last!

Not only are the chairs in our collection crafted to the highest standard, but they look beautiful, too.

Explore Boatshed7’s range of premium beach chairs and relax in style. We offer fast shipping across Australia and also deliver to more than 250 countries worldwide!

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